Hippie’s Collective Solo Adventure : 5 Years of Okeechobee Portals

5 Years of Okeechobee was a dream come true! I solo’d all the way from Minneapolis, MN with the intention of promoting my e-Book, dancing, and living in the moment! Needless to say, a lot more happened!

Day 1: Thursday March 3, 2022

After 12 hours of traveling and a $137 Uber, I arrived at the festival! The security checkpoint was quick and friendly; They just wanted to make sure I didn’t have drugs or weapons.

After getting in, I asked around about where to set up camp, It seemed like a free-for-all, so I walked about a quarter mile and set up camp under a bunch of palm trees next to some other campers in the Pink Campground! (Needless to say, destiny led me to the best spot in the campground!)

Once I settled in, I threw on my light up LED shoes and took a few shots of cheap rum

(since they only allowed plastic liquor bottles in lol), and proceeded to make my way to the Aquachobee Stage! Along my journey to the stage, I ended up meeting a birthday boy all the way from Tennessee to celebrate! We shared a few birthday toasts and shots, then we both became lost in the amazement of the creativity surrounding the Aquachobee Stage, and the fact that it was right next to the beach! The sun was setting and the attendees were gradually flowing in. Euphoria started to flood my brain: I’m at Okeechobee! I made it all the way from Minneapolis, MN by myself! (Without a car or an air mattress)

Then the sun went down! My LED lights turned on and a very special CharlestheFirst Tribute Set started to rock the crowd Side-To-Side! Up-n-Down! The Bass got experimental! The speakers pounded as the lights radiated brighter, swirling across the crowd! Heads were swinging together now! The moon was shining down on us all, and we could feel the presence of Charles with every song!

I ended the night shuffling at Rezz! Her set was heavy and got the crowd jumping!! The energy flowing throughout the festival was incredible and truly indescribable! So here’s a video to help you understand!

Day 2: Friday March 4, 2022

Photo Credit: @Ercktoro

Friday was monumental! I attended my first Radiate meet up hosted by the notorious festival legend @friskyhug! I’ve seen every FestyHub Podcast and Frisky was even cooler in person! And the best part was I got to meet @chubbiwubbi and @inifinityexternity as well! This was a dream come true!

Once the Radiate meet up was over (See photo above taken by @Ercktoro), we all formed together as a squad and danced it up at Of The Trees! After Of The Trees, 1788-L absolutely threw me around with his bassy twists and turns! It was the type of set where you are dancing and then the DJ throws an extra note in the rhythm and you mess up dancing. But you smile because the twist the DJ threw in was so clever!

My day transformed from a Bass-filled EDM day into a Rap Paradise night. Tobi Lou performed his last tour set before his new album released! I loved singing along and vibing to his incredible tunes! He was one of my must see artists and I’ll never miss a Tobi Lou set! Ever! For Coi Leray I decided to get deep in the pit and really capture a cool video so I could show you something special! I hope you all like Purrrrr!

EARTHGANG was next and they energized me with the art they created on stage! From rhythms and flows, to Jamaican tunes, they created a vibe throughout the crowd!

To end the night, I laid in the grass looking up at the stars in the sky to the soundtrack of Tame Impala. They played their hits which seamlessly transitioned from one to the next! By the time their set was over and the last musical note was played, my body was levitating and my mind was fully immersed in this Okeechobee Paradise!

Day 3: Saturday March 5, 2022

I started out the day creating content, eating brunch, and preparing for a GRiZ night! So how do you prepare for a GRiZ night? I’ll tell you! You go front row at Papadosio, make a ton of new friends, and shout at every attendee passing by “Happy GRiZ Day!”

Once the sun goes down, you hit the Powow with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic! The Funk Squad sends classic jams throughout the crowd: From "Mothership Connection" to "Bring the Funk to Who Wants the Funk"! By this time you are feeling the vibes! The Instruments are grooving! The Crowd moving!

So now the sun's down, it’s dark out! Well now it’s time to shake some booty at Megan Thee Stallion! No joke, if you aren’t shaking booty or getting on the stage with Meg, then you are probably walking to a different stage! There is no way to be at her set and the resist her music's effect on your dancing soul. Meg was a vibe and she brought her Hot Girl Sh*t! She made it clear that Okeechobee was starting Hot Girl Summer! And YOU are a part of it!

After the Hot Girl Summer cooled down a bit! GRiZ took the stage! Now this is where you tell everyone around you, “I’m dancing so just know if you're not going in, that’s not stopping me!”

For the next hour and a half, you are dancing non-stop! The people around you have created a bond with you through the music, dancing, and vibes! And by the time you blink, "Rainbow Brain" flashes through your eyes! GRiZ continues to play his unique songs one by one! He also performs his famous Okee chant! T he entire set ends with a new song titled “Ain’t Nobody Do It Like I Do it!” The last song describes the feeling Griz left us all with when the lights went out!

Day 4: Sunday March 6, 2022

A Hundred Drums started my day and I gripped onto the rail to match her energy... I broke that thing into pieces by myself! The spiritual bass pulsated throughout the crowd! I threw Kandi on stage to A Hundred Drums’ best friend @Bass_Junkiee! We’re friends on instagram now and I’ll be seeing them at @LIB!

Next up on the last day was Tai Verdes! He rocked the stage, got the crowd screaming, and uplifted us all with his up-side-down lyrical messages! From "My Last Day on Earth" to "Drugs" to "A-O-K!" There is no doubt in my mind Tai Verdes will be a headliner one day!

Mize absolutely overfilled the Here Stage and shook the tent full of attendees! The energy for the day began to quickly move from one attendee to the next! I hit my favorite dance move and loved how Mize intermixed lyrical and hard hitting EDM songs.

After Mize concluded, the crowd shifted to Kasbo at the Now Stage! He unloaded his emotions, connected with everyone, and took us all on a journey to happiness! I loved carelessly dancing to his Indian Summer remix and Porter Robinson remixes! It was nostalgic!

The nostalgia continued on as I locked down the rail for one of my favorites, Mt. Joy! I sang along to every song from "Astrovan" to "Mt. Joy" to "Julia" and so many more! Everyone around me loved Mt. Joy just as much! So this moment was and always will be a super special moment to me! Mt. Joy is a must see!

Dinner time came and I caught Clozee from a distance because just like Mize, Clozee had the Here Stage packed and overflowing! The lasers sliced the pupils of the attendees while I ate tacos in the back! I figured this video would show you the “Color of My Soul”!

Porter Robinson closed out the festival! By destiny I found myself surrounded by die hard Porter fans and we sang every lyric together like a fam! My favorite part was when Porter sang "Wind Tempos" and the ending hit just right: He put his hands up in the sky and dropped a never before heard techno remix of "Wind Tempos"! Porter you were absolutely an icon on that stage and we are blessed to have an artist like you leading the way in our EDM Festival Community! (It’s no wonder, the attendee right next to me had your name tatted on his shoulder!)

“THANK YOU OKEE for 5 Years of Portals!”