Middle Lands: It’s Not A Party W/O The Dancing

On May 7th 2017, I was 23 hours away from home at a once in a lifetime music festival, called Middle Lands! By my side, was the love of my life and a handful of the best friends anyone could ask for! It was the last day of the festival and the whole experience was nothing less than a dream! Everyone was dancing side by side, stomping, head banging, and living their best lives! Then, something happened when I looked up into the sky: I saw clouds creating art, the trees were breathing with life, and the music playing was the soundtrack to our best lives! The visuals gripped onto my eyes, the lyrics moved my body side to side, and my mind struck through to the other side! I was in love and I realized for the first time, I loved every single person I could see with my eyes! Then, I saw a transaction happen at a vendor booth on my side. My mind thought, what if, what if i could give these human beings my festival experience in the palm of their hand.

What if I told my story about all of us!

The attendee I was watching walked away from the booth with a smile on their face. Joyryde’s set began and thrusted me back to life, the visuals twirled and the music spun! Then, began to imagine a story that wasn’t written by just me. No, I imagined a story that was written by all of these amazing human beings who experienced this festival with me! That’s when I found my purpose in life! If I shared my experience and story with all the love, music, visuals, and emotions I felt, I believed I could inspire others to create and share their experiences just like me! I went on that night to see Zhu, Galantis, and the grand finale set by Kaskade! The Mid-Evil themed festival continued to flourish in my mind and the videos I rewatched brought this dream back into my eyes!


That summer I would get denied by multiple law schools. However, I would go on to write the first EDM Festival Novel of our time!

Now in 2021, I know destiny is on my side because I am attending the best music festivals of my life, chasing my dreams, and bringing my words and stories to life! It’s only a matter of time until Collective Festival MGMT and Hippie Fl1p are remembered beyond our lifetime. Now it’s time for you to buy the ticket, take the ride, experience the party, and share your story in your lifetime!

Photos by: Taylor Dickason (@taylor_marie.jpeg)