Okeechobee : Step into the Portal

Okeechobee will return to Okeechobee, FL for its 5th anniversary on March 3-6, 2022 and we can’t wait to be back!

Imagine being front row on the rail seeing GRiZ whip his saxophone side to side while your head swings up and down! Head bangers are all around you and moving at the same tempo as you. Your head goes back, their heads go back! Your head swings forward, their heads swing forward! Then, you see the visuals intertwining with the music right before you. You can practically reach out and grab the screen and it feels like you are falling through! Next, Rezz hits you with the bass and you can feel it in your chest! Your heart starts to pump faster, then the love of your life appears right in front of you! You blink your eyes and Porter Robinson is singing to you! This feeling is one of a kind: Priceless! The next 4 days of your life end up being the best 4 days of your entire life. You become lost in the portal of Okeechobee, one that is an unforgettable experience!

The whole weekend unfolds in front of you, right through your eyes! Your best friends are by your side: you're eating spicy pie, island noodles, raging to dubstep, surrounded by rainbows, and shuffling your heart out! All dimensions collide! Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect happening right before your eyes! New friends forming from the slightest gestures and interactions! This is the life you are about to live when you buy the ticket and take the ride! Now it's time to step into the portal and see what's on the other side!