Saturnalia: What a Way to Ring in the New Year!

Saturnalia (Noun)


1. An Ancient Roman festival held in December to celebrate and honor the god Saturn; a gathering full of debauchery.

Svdden Death

Basically, Saturnalia was a holiday/festival full of debauchery in ancient Roman Times and Salt Lake City was no different during New Year’s weekend, thanks to Mutiny Music Collective. The weekend of chaos began on Friday with a filthy set from ON-11. If you haven’t had the opportunity to

experience one of her sets yet, you should get on that ASAP! She will be a name to watch out for on future line ups for sure! UBUR carried the energy right into Kompany, who had the honor of ringing in The New Year! He chose to play “Feel it All” at midnight, and I could not think of a better song to close out 2021 and ring in the beginning of 2022! The high levels of energy did not stop after Kompany. Bear Grillz came on to close and finished out the night strong!

I left Friday night feeling like the weekend could not get any crazier or higher in energy than what I had just experienced. Saturday night showed me just how wrong I was within the first 10 minutes. The night started out with a full crowd for Anrkey B2B REVEREND and things got wild right off the bat. VAMPA came out next and I couldn’t tell who had more energy… her or the crowd! I could see her hair whipping around on stage even from the back of the venue! The high energy levels carried the crowd right into Space Laces, who played an equally filthy set! The laser production on Saturday flowed perfectly with his music. Following the end of Space Laces’ set, as if the weekend could not get any more wild, Svdden Death opened his set by getting carried on stage in a coffin. He arose from the coffin as the music began, and the night was filled with even more debauchery and chaos. Not only did the laser production get even more intense during his set, but Svdden Death also brought out Space Laces and Eptic (who flew to Salt Lake City last minute just for Saturnalia) for a surprise B2B2B. One minute the crowd was raging to some heavy dubstep, the next they were dancing to some bass house, and every so often they were laughing at Eptic randomly screaming or running around the stage.

Following the conclusion of the B2B2B, the party continued at an afterparty at a secret, undisclosed location where only the truest bassheads could survive. The after party saw a B2B2B2B2B involving: Svdden Death, Eptic, Space Laces, VAMPA, and Kumarion. The venue was very intimate and it felt like you were getting to hang out and rage with the artists personally.

All in all, New Year’s weekend was one for the books! Mutiny Music Collective looked to bring some chaos to Salt Lake City to ring in the New Year and they most definitely succeeded! Outside of bringing a stellar line up, they also brought in the best production that I have ever seen in Utah! I am eagerly looking forward to their next event and watching them continue to grow!.

Until next year Saturnalia!