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Collective Festival MGMT is a management company founded by Aspen Scott in 2021. CFM (for short), focuses on digital marketing in the music industry, as well as; management for artists, media teams, influencers, social media pages, artist relations teams and more. 


We are able to provide a nationwide reach when promoting your event, music, brand, etc. We have an influencer team of over 4,000 members across the nation. The purpose of our digital marketing & influencer programs are to exponentially grow ticket sales (organically as well), gain more exposure regionally or nationally, obtain social media presence, build a community in our scene, and create opportunities for our team members to remember forever. 


CFM has worked many festivals and events nationwide, including but not limited to: Imagine Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival, Gem and Jam, Interstellar, Sound Haven, Odyssey, Global Dance Festival, Firelights, and much more.  


We have worked with artists and promoters including but not limited to: Mersiv, Ravenscoon, Tripp St., Luzcid, SoDown, Primal Productions, Collectiv Presents, Champagne Drip, Meduso, and more!! 


We are hoping to expand throughout the world as we grow! Join our team today!!!!


Aspen Scott
Founder / CEO

Shelby Hilkey
Influencer Relations

Kiley G.
Social Media Manager / Influencer 

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